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 Direct sales
If you see an advert in a national newspaper for mobility equipment it is no guarantee that the company is reputable, knowledgable, that it has engineering back up, or you will be charged a fair price. Direct sales companies tend to employ sales people on a "commission only" basis, which can lead to high presure selling techniques benig used. If you must deal with direct sales invite a family member or a friend along to be with you whilst the sales person is demonstrating the equipment. Do not buy on the day, even if you are told it is a "very special deal". Sleep on it, phone round for comparison prices.
There are a number of other types of retailers you can purchase from, so why purchase from the A6 Mobility Shop? Here are a few reasons!
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Purchasing from the internet can offer both excellent and appalling service. Some of these suppliers offer a very limited range of equipment with little real advice and are ony interested in a quick sale. It is likely that the equipment will simply be delivered by a parcel company, with no assembly or demonstration service.
Some suppliers have no repair service on offer and will simply tell you to contact your local mobility shop (we know all about this!) While there are some independent repairers  they may not be local to you, or keep spare parts for your equipment.
A lot of equipment, especially scooters are manufactured in the Far East and are imported direct by the suppliers. These suppliers may not hold stock of spare parts and there may be no other stockist in the country. The importer may go out of business, leaving many owners of equipment with no spare parts.
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Second hand equipment.
Second hand or used equipment, especially scooters are generally not as much of a bargin as they may first appear. The reasons are: prices of new scooters have dropped in recent years, the  person selling the second hand scooter may be asking way too much, basing thier price on what thier scooter cost new. Technology has improved reliability of the new generation of scooters, with a new scooter you have a warranty, which, a used scooter probably won't.
You can purchase a new scooter for little more than a used scooter several years old!