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Why buy from us?
We will help you choose the correct scooter for you.
We will deliver the scooter and explain all the features. We will explain and demonstrate how to use your scooter safely.
We will maintain your scooter. We will cover any warranty issues that may arise.
The A6 Mobility Shop was established in 1992, we have our own engineers and have supplied many shopmobility schemes as well as hundreds of satisfied people just like you.
There is a huge range of scooters to choose from. They vary from small, portable models, designed for use only in places like shopping centres, up to large four wheeled outdoor vehicles, fully enclosed with a weatherproof cover. We are here to make sure you choose the correct scooter for you.
How and where will I use it?
How far will I travel?
Does it need to fit into a car?
Do I want to be able to use it on public transport?
Where will I store and charge it?
Do I need training on it's use?
Is it suitable for ME?
Class 2 or Class 3?
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The Law
The Law seperates scooters into categories: Class 2 vehicles and Class 3 vehicles.
Class 2
Class 2 vehicles are normally called pavement vehicles and are designed for use on the pavement, that is not to say they cannot be used on the road, but thier road use is to be confined to the same use as a pedestrian, so for example crossing the road. They are limited to a maximum speed of 4mph.
Class 3
Class 3 vehicles tend to be larger than class 2 vehicles and are capeable of faster speed but not exceeding 8mph. They are not permitted to exceed 4mph on pavements and have a switch to change between 4mph and 8mph. They are not allowed on motorways, cycle lanes or bus lanes. Class 3 vehicles are required by Law to have lights, indicators, a horn, a rear view mirror and rear reflectors.
At present insurance is not a legal requirment, however we would strongly recommed that you do take out a policy which will cover theft, accidental damage and third party cover.